Tuesday, April 13

top five tuesday: favorite places i've been

i thought long and hard about this week's top five.  i couldn't think of something that i wanted to write about....but i'm currently working on several scrapbooks, and i will be working on a scrapbook of my honeymoon soon (a honeymoon we took in 2006, no less!).....and i got to thinking about all of the wonderful places i have visited recently.  i use the term recently pretty loosely.....say the last five years or so!

1.  santorini, greece.  mark and i went to greece and turkey for our honeymoon.  it was magical.  while in santorini, we hiked to the top of a volcano, swam in hot springs, and saw santorini in all of it's beauty.
*i know i look sweaty....but i just climbed to the top of a VOLCANO, people. cut me some slack!

2.  belize.  i went to belize as part of a cruise in the caribbean in 2007 with the husband.  although we were there only for short time, we were able to take in all of the beauty.  all of my pictures from there look like they are from a calendar.
*doesn't this look it's from a calendar?

3.  LA, california.  i visited LA with my good friend ashley....her sister sam, lived out there for awhile before relocating to virginia to be with her beloved, ben.  my favorite part of visiting california was seeing the sunset in the west.....over the pacific ocean.
*standing at the entrance of the santa monica pier.

4.  negril, jamaica.  favorite vacation, hands down (besides the honeymoon with the husband).  i LOVED going with my sister-in-law and her significant other.  it was fabulous in every way....drinks poolside (never, under any circumstance order a "bob marley."  it will only mean you throwing up poolside), amazing snorkeling and ping pong tournaments inside, when it rained every afternoon.
*some friends we made in jamaica. 

5.  the beaches of delaware and maryland.  i know this one is a gimme....but it is my favorite vacation we do every year.  sometimes twice.  i love to go with friends, or family.  we have our "must do things," like eat a grottos and phillips.  i always pick up salt water taffy for my mom.  i always complain about walking the boardwalk......and crabs biting my toes.  but it's still my favorite.  i can't imagine NOT going at least once a year.  also, i get to see duckcedo  (pronounced like tuxedo) every year....this is a black and white duck that lives where we rent!

*until last year i thought duckcedo was a boy.  and then i saw *him with babies.

*at cape henlopen.

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