Thursday, April 15

random thoughts on a random thursday

another installment of random things i am thinking about.  how many times do i have to post about random things for "random things" to not be random.....but quite purposeful?  either are things i've been thinking about, but don't qualify for a post all to themselves.

*i finally bought my son some shorts. and then the weather went from 80 degrees to 45.  awesome.

*i need to buy bathing suits.  this does not excite me in any way.  i went into victorias secret, and was APPALLED by what she considers a "bathing suit."  let me tell you, she isn't keeping any secrets with those "bathing suits."

*the house is slowly becoming overrun with toys....and no, i'm not talking about awesomely fun toys like arcade machines or huge tvs.  i'm talking about baby toys.  i always swore i would never be that parent with all of the fisher price crap in the front yard, but apparently i'm not opposed to it being all over the living room.  boo.

*the husband is obsessed with moving the tv.  like, right this minute.  this both panics me, because i do not know how i want to set up the living room, once we move the tv, but also makes me laugh.  i love it when the husband gets all HG on the house.  "no, no, christin....i think the tv should go here, that way both the tv AND the fireplace are the focal points of the room."

*if i see that hover-round commerical one more time, i'm going to punch tom kruse in the ear. you know, tom kruse, the inventor of the hover round.

*i purchased the cricut cake.  i'm beyond excited for it to be delivered.  i can't wait bake up some cupcakes and then put flowers that LOOK like it took forever to make, but in reality, just took minutes.  can you tell i've been watching to much home shopping network?!

*i saw a commercial for the final season of the hills.  this both worries me, and also relieves me.  it worries me because how will i stay on top of speidi and the gang once the show is off of the air?  this also relieves me, because i will no longer have to shamefully say that i watch the hills.

*i need to do laundry.  i contemplated buying more clothes so that i do not have to.  this is not a good way for a mom to think.  i haven't thought that way since college.  not good.  at least i did not act on this impulse, and instead, gathered up my heap of clothes and did the responsible thing:  gathered them up so that they husband can carry them downstairs so they can sit outside the laundry room for 3-5 days before  going into the washing machine.

well, writing about those random thoughts helps me clear out my head.  not completely or anything.....but it feels a lot less cluttered.  maybe i should de-clutter more often?!

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  1. WOOT! You bought the cricut cake! I can't wait to see it in use.....we need to have a baking session. It sounds like you should have made your own baptism cake.