Friday, March 20

who knows what the future will hold...

i'm a relatively happy person. relatively. but i also can be negative when things don't go my way. some may say that i'm spoiled, but i really trying to be the person i want to be: a person who can see the good, even in a disappointing/negative situation.

at work today i received some disappointing news about my position next year. really disappointing news (as in, i was pretty much a blubbering mess for an hour today). however, i think that in the end, that i need to look on the bright side: i still have a job, and i still work with great people. so, i have made the decision to be positive, and not let what i see as a disappointment affect how i am going to act in the future. it's time for those big girl pants that i keep tucked waaaaaaaay in the back of the closet!

because who knows the future holds. today's disappointment may be next year's blessing. and today, after all the blubbering.....i am choosing happiness.

i choose to be happy. it's that simple.


  1. Good attitude girl! Stay positive! :)

  2. That is a very good way to look at the news. Very true that at least you have got a job...

    Here people are just thinking the same thing no matter what happens in the job - all is well if they have got the job!

    Good luck... Hang in there!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your disappointing news. :( But it sounds like you're choosing the best attitude to deal with it. I AM glad you do still have a job and that you work with great people!

  4. It's hard to be positive but I'm glad you're trying. But don't feel bad if you slip into feeling negative at's human.

  5. You have such a positive attitude! I love it :)