Thursday, April 8

random thoughts on a random thursday

now that i have a child, the idea of randomness seems sort of silly to me, because everything right now has some sort of purpose with him.  if he is crying it is not just because he likes the sound of his own shrill voice, but b/c he is hungry, tired, needs to be changed, his belly hurts, he's teething, ETC.  however, it is not that way with me.  i have many thoughts going rumbling around in my brain.....even though they may not be the most academic, here are a few nuggets:

  • i am enjoying the nice weather....however, it is too hot.  it should NOT be 90 degrees in april....which is why my child has no shorts.  i have him in some sort of t-shirt/short combo.  although the color is brown, he looks like a girl.  oops! shopping, here we come!
  • what is the difference between ann taylor and ann taylor loft?  i've been in both and the clothes look exactly the same.  except at ann taylor, they're like 30 bucks more expensive.  so i guess the difference is 30 bucks?!
  • very, very soon, the husband is going to become a pack mule.  i started listing all of the summer beach necessities for the little one, and it is crazy.  the picture in my mind of the husband schlepping all of said items fills my heart with joy.  heh heh.
  • i've become super bossy.  as if i wasn't BEFORE the baby arrived.  but when i want something done, i want it done sooner than THISMINUTE.  even though i recognize this, i don't know what to do about it.  i feel bad for the husband, as this affects him greatly.  it isn't like he moves like a tortoise either....he moves at a regular pace...and does EVERYTHING i ask of him.....patience is not a virtue that i have.  
  • i want the cricut cake.  it is is going on sale soon...........just not soon enough (see above bullet point).
  • i need to find three dresses for this summer.....for weddings, rehersal dinners, etc.  where can i find a dress that is casual, yet dressy enough .  i want to look amazing, but effortless...i don't want to look like i'm trying to hard.  i have four weddings, four bridal showers, and four bachelorettes.  i can't wait for all of the girl bonding time!
  • chai lattes are delicious. seriously......i like them especially now....over ice.  yum.  i've tried to make them at home, but they are not the same.  starbucks, there is a reason that you are on every corner, and people are willing to buy coffee for $5.
  • i'm obsessed with a show called "i shouldn't be alive" on animal plant.  it's about people who have survived in crazy conditions....the most recent one i watched entailed a man who was attacked by a grizzly bear.  twice.  and then there was a massive storm....all while he was half way up a mountain.  and he LIVED.  crazy.

i guess that is enough random thoughts for today.  i could go on at length, but these are the important, interesting things i've been thinking about recently.

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