Tuesday, March 3

top five tuesday: worst TV shows/stations

my husbands really enjoys watching television. and while i like TV, it just doesn't hold the same entertainment value that it does for my husband. so, that pretty much means i don't care to have control of the remote (please note that i didn't say i don't GET to control...i just don't really want to!...big difference.) so, i am going to list for you the top five worst programs/stations in my humble opinion.

in no particular order...

1. absolutely anything on the SciFi channel. the programs are absolutely awful; to that end i mean, all of the "movies" are titled exactly what they are about. DINOCROC...about a huge dinosaur crocodile from 10 trillion years ago. also, the production value of the "movies" must be about five dollars. seriously, i could make a better movie with a budget of $100 and my two dogs.

2. the "jams" channel. seriously--how much booty, bling and people "gettin' crunk" needs to be on that station? the raunch is cranked up....and it's enough. we get it! chicks in fur writhing around = hot.

3. trucks has to be the worst show ever. i can't stand that guy, Stacey David. he is truly horrible--he is the most patronizing host, and his name is stacey. enough said.

4. rock of love, tour bus. it is truly a train wreck. i have to admit, i used to enjoy that show (back when it was the stationary-not-moving-edition), but i really cannot watch it anymore. those chicks are out of control. don't they have fathers who would be ashamed of them? maybe they're on there because of their "daddy issues." well, in any case, they need some tissues for their issues....cause, WOW!

5. best week ever. please, just stop. if i have to look at Doug Benson handing out roses again, i'm not sure what i'll do. that show used to be so funny, but it is just ridiculous now, and more of a skit show than commentary on the week in entertainment.

so, there you have it...my top five worst TV shows/stations on television. of course, those are just my opinions!

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